Monday, October 17, 2011

Why God Still Loves Me

Today while exceeding the speed limit to a degree that some would call reckless I was reminded that God still loves me.  This epiphany didn't occur because of a near-death experience or a close call of any sort,  I couldn't have been happier.  Partly because I was joyriding but mostly because I finally picked up on a message the Big-Man had been trying to send me for some time.

I know my circumstances sometimes get me down and frustrated.  Today I realized that God didn't care if I was gay or straight, big or small, fat or skinny, or gorgeous.  He just loves me for existing.  After all he did create me after his own image and likeness with expert care and attention.  It's like a grandma who hangs up a page of scribbled lines because her granddaughter said it was a picture of them holding hands.  To the rest of the world the picture is ugly, uninteresting, and a waste of precious fridge space, but to grandma it is the most precious piece of art in her home.  That, my friends, is why God loves me.  Because he has a perspective that no one else has.  He knows and understands me in ways that no one will ever come close to.  My life of scribbled chaos is appreciated and priceless to him.  So today at 103 mph I was God's most precious piece of art on his fridge and I knew it.


  1. Truce, Hopefully you won't have to risk your life every time God has something to tell you! God does love us. I've heard it put this way, "God loves us not because we are perfect, but because He is."


  2. HAha, thanks Bravone, but for the record I was completely under control.

  3. Wow. I love the way you put that. Beautiful. :D