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The Roommate Situation

After graduating BYU I went off to one of this country's great mid-west schools for graduate school.  I'm talking about the University of Illinois, folks I went to school in the middle of giant corn field and I loved it!  Of course I did what any good BYU student would do when moving to a strange city, I hit up the local singles ward to find myself roomie.  It worked with brilliant efficiency.  I roomed up with a guy (he was/still is a professor that had about 7 years on me) who had a house a few miles away from school.  
I wasn't about to have a repeat of closeted me, so I made it clear to my new roomie that my church attendance may be a bit sporadic and that there would be few girls around *cough*.  He was cool with it.  The school year progressed as it does and my friends became a normal scene at the estate.  After about a year, yes a year, my roommate-let's call him Steve-brought up the gay thing.  
Yes, we had been roommates for about a year, and he obviously knew…

So, It's Been a While

My dear internet friends, it has been a while.  A brief five years, has gone by since my last post.  So let's catch you up; graduated BYU, went to grad school out of state, graduated that, moved to southern California, gots myself a boyfriend, bought a house with said boyfriend, got a dog, got another dog, still running, and now you're all caught up! Life is good.

Over the years I have reflected on my time at BYU and how much I truly enjoyed it.  Frankly, I have a difficult time remembering all of the mental stress that I experienced being a closeted student (granted, it was far less than what many of my friends experienced).  I'm grateful I managed to write a few thoughts down on this blog over the years that I can revisit.  Over the past five years, I've sent a blog-link to several friends who have wondered 'how I managed being gay at BYU' I have also shared this blog with members of my family who wanted a peak into my young brain.

When it comes to sharing …