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Maiden Voyage

I have many ideas that I hope to one day bash into literary form for this blog because I secretly hope that somebody out there will read them and find the help, hope, or motivation they were looking for.  Tonight, however, they are just not coming together.  I'll admit I've started this post several times but nothing seemed to hold my attention long enough except for one question, "why are people gay?"  Now this is a question for the ages, and undoubtedly guaranteed to spark some heated debate among today's pontificators.

In my understanding homosexual feelings enter into one's mind by one of the following:

1.  They are introduced to it via abuse or other means.
2.  Recognition of feelings and thoughts, that seem to have been present for a lifetime.
3.  Temptation, yes the wily acts of that wretched Lucifer.
4.  Basic hormones, your horny, it doesn't matter, whoever is closest wins.

Category 1: I'm not schooled on so I'll leave that alone, 2 is di…

Switching Shoes Switching Lives

Sometimes I wonder if this is more a running blog than anything else.  While my love for running does not need to be restated, you will have to excuse my repeated references to running or my beginning a thought with, "while running today," because frequently my most impressionable thoughts or insights come to me while i'm running.  Such as this morning.

This year marks a true benchmark in my running career.  I have changed shoes. (GASP! I know!)  I have run in same model of shoe for over five years now with fierce loyalty.  Why, you ask?  Simply, because I'm a creature of habit.  More importantly, the shoes rock!  I have never had a running related injury that could be even partially blamed on my shoe of choice, so if it ain't broke don't fix it.  I tried once, two years ago, I switched shoes a few weeks before a marathon and my knees still hold a grudge.  But this year things are different.  I knew coming out of winter my miles were down and it was time to m…

The Green Light

And. . .we're back!  It appears in my absence my blog has become more popular, strange, apparently I'm fascinating when I'm not saying anything.  Oh well it's due time for a dip in the ratings so here we go!

[Quick Update:  Still at BYU, graduate in April, still gay, heading to grad school (not sure where yet), still running etc etc etc]

As spring approaches my running workouts have changed from winter-maintaince to pre-marathon-I'm-gonna-kick-A-this year, for those in the crowd wondering, the latter is far more intense and fun!  Now that it is not northern Siberia weather in Provo I can run without fear of slipping on ice and associated obstacles.  When the sun comes out around BYU the runners come out of the woodwork, literally like locusts, they're everywhere!  I don't complain much because there are few things I enjoy more than guys running, the ladies, meh usually not impressive, but fit guys getting their cardio in is a great site.  However, not the p…