Maiden Voyage

I have many ideas that I hope to one day bash into literary form for this blog because I secretly hope that somebody out there will read them and find the help, hope, or motivation they were looking for.  Tonight, however, they are just not coming together.  I'll admit I've started this post several times but nothing seemed to hold my attention long enough except for one question, "why are people gay?"  Now this is a question for the ages, and undoubtedly guaranteed to spark some heated debate among today's pontificators.

In my understanding homosexual feelings enter into one's mind by one of the following:

1.  They are introduced to it via abuse or other means.
2.  Recognition of feelings and thoughts, that seem to have been present for a lifetime.
3.  Temptation, yes the wily acts of that wretched Lucifer.
4.  Basic hormones, your horny, it doesn't matter, whoever is closest wins.

Category 1: I'm not schooled on so I'll leave that alone, 2 is difficult to challenge and/or prove so i'll leave that for the pride marches, 3 is a topic I have some thoughts on, and lastly 4 I have often thought about.

So which is it for you?  Most people I have talked to say they have always had these feelings.  But as previous post reveal such as not been the case for me.  Others I have met, say some sort of abuse set them on this path.  But, whatever the reason we have the decision, what to about it, today.  Recently I have made several gay friends who have told me something a long the lines of, "if I never try it out, how am I supposed to decide what I like."  Of course they are referring to entering the gay dating scene and such.  I have mixed feelings about this.  First off, if you're not sure about your sexuality, experimentation may not be the most effective initial step.  There are definitely things you can't get back.  Secondly, "trying it out," isn't fair to you or those who participate with you.  And lastly, it will not make your decision easier to make especially for a LDS guy, in fact it will most likely complicate the matter.

I have a good friend who has recently been delving into the world of dating. . .guys.  As far as I know this is a new endeavor for him.  He has become increasingly frustrated as one may expect from an upstanding LDS guy becoming acquainted with the boys of Utah county.  Now, before we get all worked up, I'm sure there are some great guys out there, but experience has shown those guys are few and far between.  I feel for the guy because he has found a guy he likes a lot, but it seems like the other guy isn't quite into him on the same level.  So some advice, if my advice is worth anything.  Proceed with caution, make your intentions clear, and accept the consequences of your actions.  Remember, the race is long so enjoy every mile.


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