Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Green Light

And. . .we're back!  It appears in my absence my blog has become more popular, strange, apparently I'm fascinating when I'm not saying anything.  Oh well it's due time for a dip in the ratings so here we go!

[Quick Update:  Still at BYU, graduate in April, still gay, heading to grad school (not sure where yet), still running etc etc etc]

As spring approaches my running workouts have changed from winter-maintaince to pre-marathon-I'm-gonna-kick-A-this year, for those in the crowd wondering, the latter is far more intense and fun!  Now that it is not northern Siberia weather in Provo I can run without fear of slipping on ice and associated obstacles.  When the sun comes out around BYU the runners come out of the woodwork, literally like locusts, they're everywhere!  I don't complain much because there are few things I enjoy more than guys running, the ladies, meh usually not impressive, but fit guys getting their cardio in is a great site.  However, not the point.

The Point is, what are all these people running for?  Surely they are not runners, because I never saw them in the winter, and there is like four of us on the indoor track that actually run, so where did they come from?  What are they doing?  I'm sure it's the usual "get in shape" routine, work on the "beach body" or gotta train for the family 5K. But whatever the reason I'm proud of you! I may yell, "run faster" out the window as I pass you but it's all encouragement I assure you.  After all, why put on your fancy exercise clothes to walk?  But of all the unique things I observe from my fair-weather running crowd, one thing in particular is my favorite.  You've all seen it, the girl (sorry girls but it usually is you) waiting at an intersection jogging in place, and checking their pulse.  Really chick?  You're working that hard that 11 seconds is gonna throw off your groove?  Plus pulse checking while bouncing up and down is difficult and surely not accurate (and I would bet you don't even know your target heart rate anyway).  Then the light changes, they bolt across the intersection trying to fool everybody that this is their normal pace, only to make it half a block.   Just FYI a serious runner, in my experience stands there looking irritated that the traffic-light gods are taking their coffee break.  I've never witnessed the cross-country team jog in place at a light.  So if you are one of these people (chances are slim cause this a gay hangout blog where ladies tend to be sparse) just realize that everyone may be looking at you because you look ridiculous not because they are impressed with you fitness level.

Moral of the story is (yes I'm gonna try to tie this in) in my gay run of life when I hit an obstacle, such as stop light, I'm not going to sit there and pretend that everything is still moving along swimmingly while hap-hazardly trying to check my vitals, I'm gonna stop, be annoyed that I had to stop, then motor on when I get the green light.  You see, it is those people that want to be seen so they pretend to continue running, and believe they working harder than those who just wait, that usually flip a biscuit when you get a false start due to a retarded left turn arrow!  The truth is, because you never stopped to actually pay attention to what halted your forward momentum in the first place, you end up not understanding your circumstance and getting run over by the guy turning left.  There is much to be learned if you patiently observe your circumstance and move forward when it is time.

Well that was deep.  Or it is late and I'm tiered, so it seems deep.  Either way I will continue mock those that jog in place at an intersection.  Because, I love you, seriously.

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  1. It's that whole "unavailability mystique" thing.