So, It's Been a While

My dear internet friends, it has been a while.  A brief five years, has gone by since my last post.  So let's catch you up; graduated BYU, went to grad school out of state, graduated that, moved to southern California, gots myself a boyfriend, bought a house with said boyfriend, got a dog, got another dog, still running, and now you're all caught up! Life is good.

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Over the years I have reflected on my time at BYU and how much I truly enjoyed it.  Frankly, I have a difficult time remembering all of the mental stress that I experienced being a closeted student (granted, it was far less than what many of my friends experienced).  I'm grateful I managed to write a few thoughts down on this blog over the years that I can revisit.  Over the past five years, I've sent a blog-link to several friends who have wondered 'how I managed being gay at BYU' I have also shared this blog with members of my family who wanted a peak into my young brain.

When it comes to sharing this, I get a bit apprehensive because my thoughts have evolved and may not be truly represented here anymore.  However, I cherish the window into my 21 year old self that this blog provides so I embrace it.

I plan on continuing to blog as my time allows, I'll eventually change the title but it must be brilliant! so standby on that.  The goal is to capture a few experiences I've had, and will have, in my life here that more-or-less are rooted in my awesome gayness because let's face it, my life is hysterical and being gay is one of my favorite personal traits.


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