Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some Initial information

So I've mentally threatened to myself that, "I'm going to start a blog!" And 2 years later I finally have. But before I launch myself into the immensities of cyber space, I need to clarify some things. First the title, more importantly the sub-title, I suppose you all have a dictionary so I'm skipping to the subtitle. I presume this is what will bring most individuals to my new-found domain, so I feel obligated to define it. Yes, I am a BYU student in Provo. Phew, now that's over with. . .onto the 'gay' statement. I will use this word loosely throughout my blog so as to keep rhetoric neat. What I mean by G-A-Y is this: I am attracted to the male population of the human species. Does this mean I whistle and wink at every suave gentlemen I see? No. Do I get all giddy about shoes and fashion? No. Do I fit into the stereotypical gay scene/population? Most definitely no. But I DO find the male physique attractive and I definitely notice when a well maintained one passes me by. I am sexually (yes I said it) attracted to guys and their personalities and characteristics. I call myself "Gay" for these reasons, not because i'm uber-liberal, or i'm planning to be present at the next pride march.   My current status is simply 'gay' as defined in the terms prior.

Now if any of that seems confusing, join the club! Hopefully you will see more of my skewed logic emerge as this blog begins to string on.

Onto more important things. Why I am starting a blog? I generally find myself a humorous person and sometimes I need a medium to share my clever wit with the masses, so fellow gay bloggers beware! Alright that may have been misleading. . . I am not an avid follower of gay-mormon-blogs, or any blog for that matter. But I'm assuming thats who will stumble upon this piece of literary genius in the future, hence the warning. Now, back to the topic, why the blog? I have often found myself engaged in some intense mental battles dealing with homosexual topics and society (which includes the church) and I would like to share some of my debates and findings with others in hopes that they may help, enlighten, entertain, or occupy some mental gigs in someones personal hard-drive. I do not wish to tell anyone how to live or tell anyone they are wrong, I just simply would like to share my opinions and thoughts, and invite others to do the same.

I think that about does it for introductory notes. Enjoy!


  1. I've added your blog to the MoHo Directory - welcome to the Mormon Queerosphere.

  2. Welcome! I can't wait to hear more from you. You sound so similar to what I experienced too. I'm just a guy. And I am gay. Welcome to the family. We are here to support you and learn from you.

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog. Belated welcome!