Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For The Love of a Good Woman, or Man, Whichever You Prefer (for this crowd lets assume the latter)

What have you done in the name of love?  Driven hundreds of miles, spent a week's earnings, deceived a friend, broke commandments (gasp) or something else that was without the bounds of your mental homeostasis realm?  The truth is, we all do otherwise irrational things when our passions take over.  We discussed this topic at length today in one of my humanities classes.  Indeed throughout history humans have done crazy things in the name of, or for, someone they profess to love.  Classical literature is littered with accounts of chivalrous knights slaying armies, swimming across great waters, and surviving such great peril just to behold their lady love one more time.  And others, on the other extreme, tell of men going insane when their profession of love to another is rejected or dismissed.  Also, (interesting fact) it was legal in English Common Law to kill a man if you caught him in bed with your wife.  Why, you ask?  Because, said man was not in a reliable or accountable state after finding ones love in bed making love with a lover that was stealing the love which was rightfully his to lovingly receive.  Of course!  What gentleman would question the murderous rampage of a man knowing full well he just found his wife with another guy.  I sure wouldn't.  God bless the Queen!

Anyway, not the point.  My professor presented a lecture that convinced us that for some reason, beyond understanding, our love, lust, or passion, whichever you would like to identify with, has a measurable and noticeable effect on ones reason.  Do you agree or disagree?  I agree and have some stories of my own to back it up, but thats a whole other post TBA.  My ponderings of this topic caused my mind to abandon the classroom and everything else that was going on to further explore this new found tidbit of knowledge.

One particular point my professor made was on lust.  He believes that lust is not a product of Satan, but rather a feeling from within us that Satan or some other evil entity, can draw on the effects of in order to influence us.  However, he cannot produce it.  Maybe its better said this way, we can't blame our lustful acts on the devil. . .dangit!  (time-out, I know this is not new doctrine to the church, but I had just never thought about this way.  I don't want you all thinking I'm easily impressed by these simple doctrines. ok time-in)  So to me this meant my lust/desire/attraction/love for guys is not a temptation? (just so you know this has the makings of an earth-shattering discovery for me, if it turns out to be true).  Now if that  didn't steer my truck in an entirely different direction today I don't know what would've.  Because, frankly I've had a real problem as of late when I hear that homosexuality is a temptation.  I'm not saying it is or isn't but Cervantes just might have been onto something here!

This topic requires some more in-depth thinking before more conclusions can be drawn but I thought it was worth putting out there to spawn greater contemplation from the masses (cause I have 3 followers, you guys rock!).  So expect a return to this subject in the future, but as for now I need sleep before my love of blogging makes me do something ridiculous, as in, stay up all night.


  1. "without the bounds of your mental homeostasis realm" = excellent wording.

    I agree with you that lust isn't something created by Satan, but I think I know a number of Church members who would disagree, so while it may not be a new doctrine, I don't think it's the only doctrine on the subject floating around the church. In other words, it's a good thing to think about and investigate and decide on for oneself.

  2. Lust is driven by hormones. Period. Give a guy a big shot of testosterone and he'll be horny as hell in no time.